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Ron Conlin
My Mom loved those that depicted the "good guys". She was a big fan of John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and John Walsh from Americas Most Wanted to name a few. When she watched shows with those folks you would always know because she would be hooting and hollering every time a bad guy got his due justice. When a good guy got hurt she would always curse out the bad guy-ha! She was something. Check out the picture of her with John Walsh in the gallery.
John D.Kinsman
I met Irene, over 10 years ago. She would alway's affectionatly call me "Butchie" When she moved to her apartment on Broadway, Veronica and I would take her grocery shopping at Top Foods. She had a hard time walking, so we tried to coax her to ride a motorized shopping cart. That took a great effort on are part to get her on one of those, but once she got on, she loved it she was like the "little ol lady from Pasadena" doing drive byes and tearing down the ailes. When we were done shopping and checked out, I tried to get her to park the motor cart, but she got a mischievious grin and twinkle in her eye and she took off like a rocket!! She tore out the front door and was doing donuts in the parking lot. Every time she'd get close she'd giggle and take off again. It was one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and well alway's cherise that memory of Irene!!!
Veronica R. DeGraaf
So many memories for all of us,that a book could be written. One memory in particular was down in New Orleans. Mom was about 56 yrs. old and we were in one of the malls shopping.
There in the middle of this mall was a big ice skatting rink. When she was young she loved skatting but it was years gone by.
 I said mom how about it, well mom not being scared of anything put those ice skates on..I never saw such a graceful person, my mom skating like a pro. There was one instance that she was going to fall, she bent over then put her arms out to the front then out to her sides and back straight up she was. She looked like a ballerina, it was like nothing happened. except everyone saw what and how she regained her pose. They said " hey look at that older lady,isn't she great" and I said, yep " thats my Mom''. with a big,big proud smile.
Randolph Conlin

I learned how to drive by imitating my "hot rod pedal to the metal mom".

While she drove fast and furious I cannot remember her ever getting into an accident with us in the vehicle or with any other driver. From the early days in Chicago being chased through Lincoln park by some mysterius threat or screaming over the I-10 bridge in New Orleans in her 65 dodge polara convertible she was always in control and always guarding her children. However she is the only person i know who rolled more than one vehicle in her lifetime of course with no one else in the cars.
she survived and actually walked away both times. She may not be the wind under my wings but she surely is the gas in my engine. I love to drive and every time i am behind the wheel i know mom and her memory will be with me.

There are a million stories about mom and her life, this is just one.
Ron Conlin
There I was in the midst of a shootout in New Orleans in 1973 when a sniper Mark Essex had gunned down numerous people including several police officers and firemen. As a police officer I was atop the Rault center adjacent to the high rise Holiday Inn that the sniper was perched. I was throwing heat grenades in his direction as he fired wildly at everyone and down to the street. Then I could not believe what I heard on the radio.."Conlin get down here your Mom is in the line of fire looking for you street level"!. Yep there she was running in-between buildings looking for me. Well once I recovered from the shock and embarrassment I was able to convince her to wait at the hospital with my wife at the time, Sandra who was giving blood to those injured. Mom was fearless and very protective of her kids- what can I say.
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