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Ron Conlin Merry Christmas Mom December 23, 2011
Although you are resting now I know you are watching over us and I want to wish you, as always a very Merry Christmas. Some of us recently visted you and Dante placed a Christmas tree at your site next to your temporary head stone- hope you like it. Love ya Mom
Ron Conlin

To my siblings on Mother’s Day

Mothers Day,

I already gave you your Mother’s Day card for this year; you’re so far away but so near.

I can't hug or kiss you - all I can do is miss you.

I think about you day and night it's just because you’re so far from sight.

But I know you’re in God's arms now back to where you came from and being taken care of.

I'm thankful for all the years we got to share Love.

Now I pray for my siblings to make it though these days of missing you

Till we are all together- kissing you.


                        From Your Loving Daughter/Sister


English to Polish translation

Do mojego rodzeństwa na Dzień Matki

Dzień Matki,
I dał wam już swoje karty Dzień Matki w tym roku, jesteś tak daleko, ale tak blisko.
Nie mogę się przytulić i pocałować - wszystko, co mogę zrobić, to tęsknię za Tobą.
Myślę o tobie dzień i noc, to tylko dlatego, że jesteś tak daleko od oczu.
Ale wiem, że jesteś w ramionach Boga teraz do skąd jesteś i załatwione.
Jestem wdzięczny za wszystkie lata, mamy do akcji Love.
Teraz modlę się, aby moje rodzeństwo to jednak te dni missing you
Do jesteśmy wszyscy razem, całując cię.
                         From Your Loving Córka / s.

Seth Conlin
I know how long it has taken me to write down how I feel and I’m sorry, but it was only because I didn’t now what to say or how to say it... Overall I guess I just wanted more time. I wasn’t always around and I didn’t get as much time to share with you as I had wanted... You have lived a long, hard working, prosperous life. It is your time now and you are in a better place. Thank you for everything you have done to build this family into what it is today! You deserve peace Grandma; We love you.
Danté DeGraaf (grandson)

Grandma, God called you over a week ago. Yesterday was your funeral.

Every free second my mind wanders, it goes to you.

Here are just a few of those “seconds” that make me smile; Roger Whittaker on 8 track, Murder She Wrote, plastic on your couches, my sore thumb,  you being the only one by my bed side when I woke up as a kid after my nose surgery, your little red truck, Moondoggie (the reason I have 3 small dogs), poppy seed kolache, UFO crash landing in Forest Park, the day my mom became sober, boochinkey (sp), your lead foot, "make my day, punk" , Parcheesi the board game, the ivory soap elephant I carved you as a kid that you kept for years,  Sherry wine, your FM radio with the multi color buttons, powdered milk, you always staring at me and smiling… and most of all you thumbing your nose.

Yesterday was your funeral. I think you’d be so proud of your sons and daughters, they are every bit a piece and all of you.  My wife says I cried enough for everyone there. I hope you’d laugh, but as I stood there looking at you, I tried to smile and I thumbed my nose one last time.

Every free second my mind wanders, it goes to you.

Randolph Conlin
I was living in Anchorage,ak. from '83 to '93 and before I left I had a visit from mom. She was going through some tough times down here in the "lower 48" and wanted a break so unannounced she hopped a cruise ship and headed for Anchorage. However no one knew she was leaving and I did not know she was coming and she did not know that the cruise ship went up the Canadian coast and the last stop was Haines,ak. which unfortunately is still a three day bus trip to Anchorage. Now keep in mind she was in her late 70's and had never been up to Alaska before. She was one of the bravest people i have ever known. I remember her nearly getting into a fight with men twice her size trying to protect her kids. But that's another story. When the family called me and told me she was coming I had to try and make arrangements for accommodations as i lived in an efficiency with no spare room. Now you could say it's the luck of the Irish or the good Lord looking after us but i found a wonderful woman who ran a home for unwed mothers and she helped put mom up while she was there. We had a few days of sightseeing and i took her to the famous "bird House" outside of anchorage which is a local bar that survived the "64 earthquake and where people leave all kinds of memorabilia. Mom left something but I’ll be darned if I can remember what it was. I do have a photo of her outside the bar. Well it came time to leave and I dreaded the long trip back so I tried to talk my mom into taking a airplane ride back to Seattle. She had never flown in a plane before and did not want to go but low and behold it turns out that the woman running the shelter was an retired airline stewardess and convinced mom it would be a great adventure. There’s that luck or angel again. So for the first time in her life and by herself she hopped an Alaskan airlines flight back home.
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